My Story

In 2001, at age 49 and with a 5 year old, I mustered enough courage to sit down and attempt to hold a paint brush. Bob Ross was all the rage in those days, and I instantly fell in love with art!  Initially my talent took the form of birds and small animals, including mice and rabbits.  I painted these images on flower pots and signs and sold then to the local nurseries. Encouraged  by friends and neighbors, I then created and produced my own line of Inspirational Note and Greeting Cards. These went over pretty well in all the small shops that dotted the New Jersey, NY  landscape. Eventually, encouraged by my ability to sell my work I opened a small store in my rural town, and sold my first rose decorated jeans for $15.00. I instantly regretted it. As anyone can tell you, creativity vanishes when you're working 14 hour days. After only 2 years, I closed shop and went totally online, building my portfolio, as well as my business, one design at a time. I now carry an array of other talents, as well as my own work, and have branched out into designing various home decor items that include Mouse pads, Aprons, Weekender Bags and Hoodies.